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In view of the interest in Euan Uglow I thought I'd say a few things about what I understood from his teaching.I was taught by Euan for all my 4 years at the Slade and I’ve used speech marks where I am pretty certain of his terminology and meaning and use of words that were constantly on his tongue when explaining stuff to me.Rather it is about being acutely aware of the interiority or dimensionality of , that fleeting but extended moment of connection in which you recognize that perceptually (and conceptually) when you are looking at something and acknowledging the possibilities within that engagement, that there is a beginning and an end.

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The full development of this specialization is seen from the late 1620s, and the period from then until the French invasion of 1672 is the core of Golden Age painting.

Artists would spend most of their careers painting only portraits, genre scenes, landscapes, seascapes and ships, or still-lifes, and often a particular sub-type within these categories.

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Most work, including that for which the period is best known, reflects the traditions of detailed realism inherited from Early Netherlandish painting.

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