Dating break up statistics

by  |  04-Feb-2020 19:46

So what’s causing couples to split — celebrities and everyday people alike — and how are they adjusting to singlehood post-separation?Using findings from our 2012 “Singles In America” study, we found the top reasons singles are splitting and just how they recover.As your friendly neighborhood dating expert, one of the questions I get asked most often is: Is that normal? Now, you can learn once and for all that you are absolutely, positively, without-a-doubt normal.

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Every day, young people navigate relationships - crushes, breakups, sexuality, firsts, and hook ups - but they don’t always have the space to talk about them, learn about them, or share their experiences.

The pictures, the memories, the favorite place to hang out, the movies, the gifts…

Taking time off allows you the space you need to reevaluate what’s best for you, your partner and your relationship and gives you the alone time you need to figure out exactly what you want.

There are many different benefits of taking a break from your relationship, and while it may seem counterintuitive, taking a break can actually be a way to strengthen your connection and bring you and your partner closer together.

In fact, taking a break enables both you and your partner to use the time away from one another as an opportunity to reflect on your relationship, reassess your feelings for one another and either resolve to be with each other going forward or not.

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