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Rarely, do we ever think that we’re in the wrong…it’s so easy to shift the problems to the other person: they’re not fun or hot enough, too boring, they eat their peas one at a time.... from director Drew Van Steenbergen and starring frequent collaborator and screenwriter Quinn Marcus is about a character who is coming to terms with herself.

It’s a low-key, talky dramedy about a woman who is beginning to realize that she may, in fact, be the asshole.

This is not the first time the segment has aired on the show, with Chelsea Handler also helping singles choose who to pick in a previous episode.

When it comes to dating, self-awareness can be a difficult thing to achieve.

As part of his Late Late Show on CBS, British comedian & host James Corden has introduced a new segment called “Late Late Live Tinder” where single audience members swipe left or right in real time, with real people.

And most recently, Corden played the game with audience member Alex, who had a little help choosing which way to swipe from Spice Girl Mel B.

comes off less like a short film and more like a mini-pilot for a tv show with Marcus as the lead. The character work here is subtle and well-performed: it’s a persona we could easily see sustaining itself across multiple episodes.

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