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Synonyms for intimidated include afraid and daunted. Sentences with the word intimidating What is the meaning of the word intimidating? While all these three synonyms convey a sense of fear, danger, or unpleasantness being used to achieve an aim, there are some interesting nuances of meaning that differentiate them.

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Once you've a caught a guy's attention with your eye contact and grin, move away from your group slightly so he won't feel intimidated over the possibility of making a fool of himself in front of your group.

Make the guys you meet feel important, suggests dating coach Paige Parker on the Your Tango website.

A society that had escaped from fear would escape from their control.

The danger of the control of an ignorant electorate has therefore passed.

The adjective intimidated is derived from the similarly spelled Latin intimidare, meaning “to frighten." Notice within both the English adjective and Latin root another adjective timid, “fearful.” That should help you remember the meaning.

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