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When such sacred writings are studied to find the revealed word of God, a settled delimiting of the writings—, fixed the canon of the Bible for Judaism, which, following a long period of flux and fluidity and controversy about certain of its books, Christians came to call the Old Testament.

A possible factor in the timing of this Jewish canon was a situation of crisis: the fall of Jerusalem and reaction to the fact that the Septuagint was used by Christians and to their advantage, as in the translation of the Hebrew word As far as the New Testament is concerned, there could be no Bible without a church that created it; yet conversely, having been nurtured by the content of the writings themselves, the church selected the canon.

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Bush and Gordon Brown have all called for a "New World Order" or "World Government".

This is in line with Bible prophecy, which points to a brutal end time world system linked to the historic Roman Empire!

As the old saying goes, dogs are man’s best friend.

Dogs perform many useful tasks—from hunting to security to helping people with disabilities.

Bible prophecy is being fulfilled before our eyes and predicts that the end of the age will be dramatic.

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