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Maugenest was sent to London on the next supply ship.Arriving in London he was quickly hired by the Hudson’s Bay Company as an advisor and trader.Blankets (typically of one to four points, in half-point steps) and other goods were traded with Native American peoples in exchange for a set number of beaver pelts, a fur in huge demand in Europe for the hat and clothing trade [2].

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Some unusual patterns, like the 1936 Coronation blanket, and particularly old point blankets may bring up to a thousand or more dollars at auction.

However, the collecting of point blankets is a rather new field and it is expected as more information becomes available to collectors that even higher prices will be reached.

A Hudson's Bay point blanket is a type of wool blanket traded by the Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) in British North America (now Canada) and the United States during the 18th century and 19th century.

The company is named for the saltwater bay in Northeastern Canada and the blankets were typically traded to First Nations in exchange for beaver pelts.

I have identified and dated some two-dozen styles of labels used by the Hudson's Bay Company since 1890.

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