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Policy Number:2-11 Policy Category: Education Under Review: No Approved by Council: September 2003 Reviewed and Updated: May 2011 College Contact: Quality Management Division Downloadable Version(s): Professional Responsibilities in Postgraduate Medical Education The delivery of postgraduate medical education in Ontario has significantly evolved over time.

In order to ensure both an appropriate educational experience for trainees and a safe and effective delivery of health care to patients, it is essential that supervisors and trainees in the postgraduate environment are aware of the responsibilities and expectations that their roles entail.

Trainees need to be given opportunities to observe and actively participate in clinical interactions in order to acquire the knowledge, skills, and judgment required for future practice.

Comprehensive health education addresses 12 component areas under Florida State Statute 1003.42 (2)(n) - Required Instruction The Florida Standards for Health Education are based upon established health behavior theories, models, and evidence-based research, as well as "best practices." The revised NGSSS for Health Education yielded the reformatted eight standards in K-12 progression and adopted the following corresponding National Health Education Skills and corresponding standards: The standards are structured by Standards and Benchmarks.

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