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The most famous example of a cross-Atlantic love affair is London-based human rights lawyer Amal Clooney and her Hollywood actor husband George Clooney.

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Anna sounded intriguing so I flew out to meet her the following weekend."TRANS-ATLANTIC LOVEIt was reported this week that Berkeley International, another elite dating service, which has 5000 clients – "a mix of CEOs, barristers, doctors and hedge-fund types" – has seen a 50 per cent rise in Londoners seeking to be introduced to New Yorkers.

Anna sounded intriguing so I flew out to meet her the following weekend.

Call me old school, but I believe we learn about relationships via trial and error, directed by our emotions, yet Geher and Kaufman barely mention love.

Luckily, I had Barbara Fredrickson's book to fill the void. It turns out Love 2.0 is not a treatise for old romantics, but something far more interesting.

Evidence that these relationships were socially normative was shown by the finding that in most cases, parents had met their child’s romantic partner and the couples had told others of their romantic status. The importance of sexual and romantic development in understanding the developmental neuroscience of adolescence.

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