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Comments Received DEA received 264 comments regarding the NPRM.

Two hundred thirty- one commenters supported the NPRM, 33 commenters opposed the rulemaking.

Written controlled substance prescriptions must be on a form that meets the requirements for controlled substance prescriptions in the state in which it was prescribed. The pharmacist should use his or her best professional judgment when filling out-of-state prescriptions.

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What are the requirements for the issuance of multiple prescriptions for schedule II controlled substances?

Does this rule require or mandate a practitioner to issue multiple prescriptions for schedule II controlled substances? Is there a limit on the number of schedule II dosage units a practitioner can prescribe to a patient? A practitioner may provide individual patients with multiple prescriptions for the same schedule II controlled substance to be filled sequentially.

- The individual practitioner complies fully with all other applicable requirements under the Controlled Substances Act and implementing regulations, as well as any additional requirements under state law. There is no federal limit as to the amount of controlled substances a practitioner can legitimately prescribe.

However, if a registered practitioner issues multiple schedule II prescriptions, he /she is limited to the combined effect of allowing a patient to receive, over time, up to a 90-day supply of a particular schedule II controlled substance. The rule does not stipulate how many separate prescriptions per schedule II controlled substance may be issued for the 90-day supply.

If he wrote "do not fill until (say) 11/3/12" it shouldnt be a problem.

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