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K2, the world's second-highest mountain, has allowed barely a tenth of that number to the top of its far less climber-friendly peak -- killing one mountaineer for every four summiters, according to 8000 chain Chipotle (which offers a choice of the two) on finds almost no nutritional difference between them, leading yet others to suggest that the choice may often be more psychological than dietary.But they can't, so we leave that to all the high-fiving Everest masses versus a handful of elite K2 alpinists who'll gladly point out that bagging the highest peak on any given continent is usually nowhere near as tough as climbing the second-highest. Whichever sibling has the upper hand in any given year can lead to consequential climate dysfunction -- battering the Americas with vicious droughts, superstorms and floods, while wreaking havoc with Asian monsoons and making various weather extremes felt as far off as Australia.Great Rivalries can be huge enough to impassion countries and cities.

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Download or Stream The Simpsons season 28 episode 11 (S28E11) from Telly When Marge comes to be stressed along with a Japanese lifestyle, the Simpsons need to dispose of any kind of product that not carries all of them happiness.

For Homer, this suggests locating a brand new house for the household swine.

And yet there's still no team either one hates more.

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