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But if you want to give upgrades a shot, here's how to proceed.

For Windows XP to Windows 7: If you're used to XP, then upgrading to Windows 7 is probably less of a shock than going from XP to Windows 8.1. For Windows XP to Windows 8.1: "Windows 8.1 isn't designed for installation on PCs running Windows Vista or Windows XP," Microsoft warns on its upgrade page.

Well, the time has come for you to move on because full XP support is no more, starting today. governments, for example, paid Microsoft a few million dollars to extend support for a year, The Guardian reported. Well, if any bugs are found after Tuesday, Microsoft won't be fixing them, though it will support antimalware signatures for XP through July 14, 2015. At its recent Build conference, Microsoft lowered the system requirements for Windows 8.1 so more machines can upgrade to the latest OS.

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Firefox version 52 will be the last complete update for Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Security updates will be released, but no new features.

Basically, Redmond would much prefer you just buy a new Windows 8-based PC.

That's not in the cards for everyone, though, so here's how you upgrade from XP to Windows 8 (hopefully).

The procedure to update your Group Policy object with the new Windows Firewall settings will replace the file that is stored for the Group Policy object being modified with the version that is provided with Windows XP SP2, which includes the new Windows Firewall settings.

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