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But this Irons is creating some buzz with two new films.The first is "Woman in Gold" in which he plays the young dashing husband of Helen Mirren's character.

“I knew a little about this fractious relationship between Russia and Ukraine but, no, not about this.

Hopefully we’re playing a very small part in getting the story out there.”Irons, whose parents are Oscar winner Jeremy Irons and acclaimed Irish actress Sinéad Cusack, says that they were blunt about becoming an actor.“When I was about 18 and applying to drama schools, they sat me down and explained the perils and pitfalls of this job,” he said.

Of course, as fans well know, Saoirse’s character Melanie DOES finally meet her match when her body becomes host to alien Wanderer…

In it, Saoirse Ronan and the delicious Max Irons contemplate their romantic future amidst the growing threat of being caught by “The Souls” – aka, the aliens!

I had been warned that Irons - 25-year-old model, actor and son of Jeremy Irons and Sinead Cusack - would be rather shy, but, on the contrary, he's wholly self-assured.

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