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The trailer shows one girl ditching her wedding for a life of adventure — "I'll be a Pan Am stewardess! It also shows girls weighing in at work and being girdle-checked to see if they're wearing the proper undergarments.In 2011, our uniforms are formless, so we can choose to have them tailored in any manner we want.

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We've seen what can happen when a flight hits unexpected turbulence, so we need you to sit down so that you don't hurt yourself."Sitting on the tarmac is stressful for passengers and flight attendants alike.

"We're usually on the plane an hour before the passengers to prepare for the flight, plus we've been at the airport for a few hours before that," says Fanny Delaunay, a former flight attendant for Air France.

And if you're tired, multiply that by three to understand how tired your flight attendant is.

"It's likely that we're on the third or fourth day of a multiday trip.

C., said that her colleagues were open to meeting passengers but were also pretty picky.

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