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Sometimes all it takes to succeed in life is a good start.

While that may not be true in politics, it could certainly help you in the world of sports.

We grow up with fairy-tale stories of finding ‘the one’ and living ‘happily ever after,’ and made to believe that once we find our ‘soulmate’ we’ll live the rest of our lives in eternal bliss.

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Consuming creatine can help your muscles build phospocreatine, which gives you the ability to perform better at shorter, intense, strength-building exercises, according to a California study.

If your gym time consists of many explosive, heavy lifts with fewer rep counts, consider taking a creatine supplement, or eat foods higher in creatine such as pork, salmon, tuna, and beef.

Italian researchers discovered that jumpers and sprinters who took creatine supplements significantly improved the first 30 seconds of their performance by roughly 10%.

If seconds matter, or if you’re just looking to gain the early advantage against your buddies on the courts, a creatine shake could prove to be a difference-maker.

She diveth not, she leapeth not from the pier; but by gentle shocks and cries of protest she entereth slowly; yet when the waters of love encompass her, then she is supported.

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