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Blaine was also the founding youth pastor and one of the key strategists in the creation of Oneighty, which has become one of the most emulated youth ministries in the past decade, reaching 2,500 - 3,000 students weekly under his leadership.He is the founder of Thrive Communications, an organization dedicated to serving t I was able to read this book when a friend of mine was given it from his parents.(i do sound like a radio ad or something, but believe me, you won't waste time and life in this book! this little black book, changed my outlook and my views in life!

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Written to help graduates understand how to live as a Christian as they begin a new life of responsibility, each book is filled with lists and bullet points, giving grads a quick, often humorous read.

Every teenager can use this Little Black Book of God's Guarantees.

As a 15 year old male, I felt that this book was very helpful in giving me a better understanding of some issues that teens face.

This book also has a number of awesome guidelines regarding dating, sex, marriage and relationships in general.

I highly recommend this book to all teenager's, and it would be a great gift for parents to give to their teenagers.

Every teenagers little black book on sex and dating

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