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Gillan then undertook a two-year stint as a member of the ensemble cast of the sketch comedy series The Kevin Bishop Show, in which she played multiple characters including celebrities such as Katy Perry and Angelina Jolie.

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Haig’s performance as Jim Hacker in the recent stage show of the series prompted several people to compare the character to the bumbling-yet-popular Boris Johnson, Mayor of London and - if the Westminster grapevine is to be believed - wannabe Prime Minister.“I didn’t base Hacker on anyone but others have mentioned Boris - probably because he’s got that combination of being a very clever politician but sometimes he seems like anything but,” says Haig, a seasoned theatre actor who is perhaps best recognised for playing bonking groom Bernard in Four Weddings And A Funeral.

The actor, lacking his usual moustache, is sitting in the hallowed halls of the National Liberal Club on the Embankment side of the River Thames, a fitting location to discuss the political satire, being a mere stroll away from Downing Street.

The play was such a roaring success that it has now been adapted for TV again, using the same lead actors, meaning Haig has to transfer his performance from the stage to the studio and try to live up to the original television version.

He claims not to be fazed, saying: “Think of the number of times characters such as Jeeves and Wooster have been played by different actors, and the comic relationship between Jeeves and Wooster is similar to that between Jim Hacker and Sir Humphrey.”Warming to the thought, he adds: “Hacker and Humphrey are like many double acts over the years.

Dr Sarah Sawyer interviewed and hired Dr John Watson for a GP position he was over qualified for as a battlefield surgeon, when he was desperate for a job.

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