Simple validating contact form

by  |  05-Nov-2019 09:33

Before you ask, and someone always does, these examples will currently work in the following browsers: Safari 5, Chrome 6, Opera 9, Firefox 4 Beta and the i Phone/i Pad.

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Simple validating contact form

The Validate Form dialog box will appear, and you can then make changes to the existing validation rules.

Fill out the form below and you’ll get updates on what is happening on the site, more django content and interesting stories of developing with django.

Hopefully these behaviours will converge in future releases.

For these examples we have created our own valid/invalid CSS formatting to override the browser default. That's why you may see something like the following: Before you type anything into the box a red marker is shown.

If you have never created web forms with validation then I invite you to follow along with this tutorial for creating a simple form that will perform validation of several different text fields and one text area field on a web page.

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