Dating british made stanley planes

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I have often thought about this, but never bothered to enquire (I will do my best to find out).My thoughts are that they were made in relatively recent times, that is, sometime in the last 50 or 60 years, possibly coinciding with USA-made planes declining.

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My continued interest in the history of Hand planes just carries me further and further. I’m still in the processes of verifying this, so for now, us it with that knowledge. Nos 265-11213 series: No 4 smoother, 62 low angle jack, 92 shoulder, 9 1/2 block, 60 1/2 low angle block. 20 years ago no-one wanted English Stanleys, even though they have some advantages including mass and blade thickness (and availability) and they were cheap.

I didn’t think Stanley started making plane there until much later. Now, interest is rising again, check the IG posts on them, proud woodworkers and their English Stanley’s.

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I can estimate that it may be a type 17 if it was made in usa, but am unsure if this holds true for "Made in England". It may be true that a cluttered workshop(shed, garage, desk, room) reflects a cluttered mind.

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