Updating microsoft security essentials proxy server

by  |  22-Apr-2020 02:23

Image Microsoft has recently released the next version of Windows 10, dubbed as Anniversary Update it has a slew of features that make it more efficient and appealing to Users with its new features. Take heed though, this small script will reset Permission entries within the Registry.

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Updating microsoft security essentials proxy server

I checked the Internet Explorer proxy settings - automatically determine was not checked, and there was no proxy setting. I discovered that, despite the proxy settings being turned off, MSE was still querying the dns for host name wpad, and downloading the proxy setting script from

Which would have been fine, except that I had a stray CNAME record for wpad in my local DNS, that pointed to my local webserver, that had a stray file in it, which set the proxy to a machine that no longer exists!

Support was also provided for IPX/SPX networks (primarily used in legacy Novell Net Ware environments), through a Win Sock translation/tunnelling client which allowed TCP/IP applications, such as web browsers, to operate transparently without any TCP/IP on the wire.

Although well-integrated into Windows NT4, and included better NT Account Integration, improved packet filtering support, and support for a wider range of network protocols.

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