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30 Days Sundays A New Day Rose and Dimitri were high school sweethearts who married young. She has one request for him before she signs the papers. Eventually she gets discovered but, her dreams may come crashing when she finds out that her producer is Dimitri Belikov..ex-best friend/ex-boyfriend that she hasn't heard from in 5 years. Even a person as stubborn as I was, couldn't force him to love me like I loved him. Rose is part of a team deep inside the EDA, a secret government agency. She meets a brown-eyed Russian god and their one night together has its consequences. (In the process of editing earlier chapters due to errors and seemingly, an inability to write good English two years ago : P)In a world ruled by men Rosemarie Hathaway is given away to the Prince of Russia to please him and the higher power. "You know what, I will, I'll go far away and you'll never see me again! AU/AHRose and Dimitri have been best friends since they were kids. But what happens when he comes back and Tasha seeks revenge for losing her Dimka? Two days after the attack on the school Dimitri leaves Rose for Tasha. When Rose finally comes she finds she's felling for Dimitri but somethings wrong. It's been three awful years since that Christmas eve. Things were great to start with, but then life dealt rose an unexpected change. Heartbroken, Rose tries desperately to help him any way she can. once she left the ski lodge to go and find Mason in Spokane but what happens to her Russian God? All human-Rose has been big boned all her life and has been ridiculed for it from her peers. Rose is hired to go undercover and learn his ways, but she's anything but prepared for that. After the attack, Dimitri left to be Lady Ozera's guardian and Lissa, Christian, Adrian and Eddie all hate her. What's worse is that she's in a fatal condition that no one knows. So what will happen when Rose pays a visit with Lissa & Christian? what happens when she runs away from home and enroll in ST Vald's? Will their love be enough to keep them together, or will they be torn apart by the cruel hand of fate? twists and turns along the way, will there be a happy ending?

Rose goes to try and achieve her dreams of becoming a singer. I was just going to have to get used to the agonising pain and heartache. It would stalk me, pierce my heart and let my blood spurt out of its veins, every time I had to see him. I know it's been done before but please read and review! What happens when one of the prisoners claims his innocence? So when she shows up for her first college class and sees Professor Belikov standing at the front of the classroom, she realizes that fate isn't on her side. Rose is miserable and Lissa wants to help her through it but isn't sure what she's helping Rose through. But how do you fight for someone that doesn't want to be fought for? Rose managed to save him and be there when he wakes up. Three years after Dimitri has suddenly vanished from Court, he returns without warning, and he needs Rose now more than ever. Dimitri left Rose leaving her pregnant now 5 years later he's back to see Lissa and Christian get married We all know what happened to Rose and co. Dimitri Belikov is head of one of the most powerful families in Russia. Things are great for the first few months but when Rose and Dimitri have a big fight that changes everything. Now 5 years later she back for a wedding can she stop it? Can Dimitri save her from the person who hurt her ad herself before it is to late or willshe be left to hurt This story takes place after Shadow kiss. She is tired of him, treating her only as a sister. Then theirs brooding Dimitri Belikov,who's dating and Guarding Tasha Ozera. ; What if, in Shadow Kiss, Dimitri was never turned? Together, they'll have to face hard times and seemingly impassable obstacles. Dimitri left and took Tasha's offer, now he's back and its time for a little jealous revenge from Rose with the help of the male population.

The movie also costars Alden Ehrenreich (the new Han Solo), Lily Collins, Matthew Broderick, Annette Bening, Haley Bennett, Candice Bergen, Alec Baldwin, Oliver Platt and Martin Sheen.

It's received mixed reviews from critics, and it bombed at the Box Office. Marla Mabrey (Collins) was an aspiring actress, that moved to Hollywood (in 1958) to work for Howard Hughes (Beatty).

When Frank first drives Marla and her mom, they travel east on Hollywood Boulevard, passing the Egyptian Theatre on their right.

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