Updating boot caches os x x factor dating uk

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This cache sometimes becomes corrupt or outdated, and the system is smart enough to figure out when this happens and rebuild it.

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It is very necessary; whenever you install a new kext, if you don't update the caches it renders the driver ineffective!

/System/Library/Extensions and /Extra/Extensions both have their own caches.

The new mac OS Sierra update is now available to download and install for OS X 10.11 El Capitan users, but if you've just decked out your Mac with the latest operating system and noticed that things don't work the way they should, or encounter any other issues, then we have a list of fixes for the most common problems.

As more of us upgrade to mac OS Sierra, more problems are being discovered, so we will be constantly updating this guide as new problems - and solutions - are found.

You may not be able to determine this with certainty until you troubleshoot.

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