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The event in December, 1988 was held at the Royal Lahaina Alii Ballroom and Candis looked very dapper in a waistcoat and bow tie next to his prom date.

The caption read: 'Brendan Mc Danniel is tempted to hit the dance floor...' Grade school teacher Eleanor Dudley fondly recalls Candis's twin brother Dylan (pictured) was intellectually brilliant and athletic and Brendan was flamboyant and the most feminine person in the room and so consequently he was the one who was teased The Hawaiian family home of transgender actress Candis.

The Benjamin Scale proposed by endocrinologist Harry Benjamin in 1966 uses sexual orientation as one of several factors to distinguish between transvestites, "non-surgical" transsexuals, and "true transsexuals".

In 1974, Person and Ovesey proposed dividing transsexual women into "primary" and "secondary" transsexuals.

Whatever you think might happen in the next few paragraphs, or in the next few months, expect less.

Spend quite a bit of time agonizing over the photos and your description and hobbies.

Low expectations mean high excitement at small success.

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