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Pamela Ashley Brown (born November 29, 1983), is an American television reporter and newscaster. She is also the granddaughter of politician John Y. and the half-sister of former Kentucky Secretary of State John Y. Her parents divorced in 1996 when Brown was 13 after 17 years of marriage. While at the University of North Carolina, Brown was a reporter on the university's Carolina Week.

George took maternity leave from her duties on CBS' NFL pregame show, The NFL Today, to give birth to Pamela.

After completing school Pamela worked for WJLA-TV, an ABC-affiliate in the Washington.

After graduation Pamela worked for News Channel8 as a journalist.

The Baywatch actress has got super high end labels like Tom Ford, Vivienne Westwood and Alaia in her wardrobe, plus that bag she's carrying is by Dolce & Gabbana, so you'd be forgiven for thinking her dress is designer.

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