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I would advise you not to confront this person (online or otherwise), definately not pay the money demanded and to end all contact with them immediately.

Filters should be placed on your email account(s) to block any emails sent by them.

Online chatting may seem like a way for you to express yourself freely in an anonymous setting.

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NOTE: If you register online, and you are NOT attending the Annual Meeting, you will still receive a “Welcome” email, confirming your registration was received.

REGISTRATION FORMS: ONLINE REGISTRATION 2017 CAM Registration Form 2017 CAM Registration Form – Child K to Grade 5 2017 CAM Registration Form – Youth, Grades 6 to 12 Rural Life BBQ Where to stay?

Under California , using the Internet to arrange a meeting with a minor for lewd and lascivious acts can be charged as a felony and is punishable by up to three years in state prison and lifetime registration as a sex offender.

However, if you actually go to the arranged meeting place, the state prison sentence can increase to four years.3.

As well, if you choose to pay online, scroll to the top of the page once you have “submitted” your form, or come back to this page and select the ‘ONLINE PAYMENT – DONATE” button.

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