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The Israeli ministers defending adoption inequality are creating a “crisis of family.” Legally, same-sex families are able to adopt in Israel, but in practice, the State puts their applications at the bottom of the pile, and they are only allowed to adopt a child if no willing heterosexual parents can be found.

There have been no more than a handful of instances in the past decade of adoption in Israel by same-sex families.

In October last year he was accused of “racism” after walking out of an Oxford University debate saying: “I don’t debate with Israelis.”A spokesperson for Mr Galloway was not immediately available to comment.

If you were to take one of these free sandwich bags, you’d find a very graphic story of various women who resort to prostitution for income.

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Francis also said that three bishops are under investigation by the Vatican for abuse-related reasons, though it wasn't clear if they were accused of committing abuse itself or of having covered it up.

The meeting with victims marks the first for this pope.

“Every child knows that it’s better to be ‘known in public,’ than to be married,” the kids say.

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