Cecilia liu dating

by  |  15-May-2020 23:42

I still can't believe it took this long for the show to premiere and the real life details don't even matter by now especially since Cecilia Liu is happily married.

Besides, it's the reel story that we care about, technically speaking.

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It was something everyone simply knew already even though Congrats to them!

Both are versatile actors who have attempted a variety of roles and genres and they make a very talented couple indeed, not to mention that they look super cute together.

Aww, this definitely counts as a formal admission as Zhang Ruo Yun uploaded pictures of Tina Tang kissing him on the cheek right beside a picture of two dogs doing the exact same thing.

It was captioned Their decision to share their dating status on social media doesn't exactly come as a surprise to anyone because the couple have often been spotted together.

Ada Choi Since Nicky was a workaholic even at a young age, it is not surprising that most of the women he fell in love with were his co-stars.

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