Sexe cam fort - 78 rpm record dating

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CBS Records (the name given to American label Columbia Records in Europe, so as not to be confused with EMI's Columbia label) began as a separate label distributed by Philips only from around 1961, using the prefix AAG and three digits, its artists having for some years previously been issued on Philips itself.

CBS broke away from Philips in or around 1966, and changed to a simple four digit sequence, beginning with CBS 1001.

2a) A "Wisconsin musician" is defined on this Web site as one who lived in Wisconsin at one time in their life, regardless of where they lived at the time of the recording.

3) Clicking the link (if there is one) for the label company name shown below each scan goes to the label discography created here.

I keep these 4 ot 5 of these boxes handy--just the right size for 78s (I am talking about a box within a bigger box, with bubble-wrap and plastic peanuts for protection). When shipping heavy 78s, send your box UPS (the advantage is free insurance up to $100) or U. Postal (the advantage is that 4th class postage can be quite low).

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