College humor dating coach

by  |  26-Aug-2019 20:25

” “Should I stop masturbating the way I have been since I was 13?“Have I been masturbating the same way since I was 13? ” “Shouldn’t I be more focused on getting laid with someone other than myself?

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The show is extremely well directed and filmed, professional video work and production.

The jokes are on point, and while they may have changed their character names since their College Humor days, the humor's the same, and every bit as good.

The writing for the show is brilliant considering each episode is an average length of 2-5 minutes.

Each episode will make you crave more, and after binge watching the 400 episodes you'll get hooked on the overall goofiness and quirkiness that is shown in each episode.

Hope to see more great content from these coy little divas in the years ahead.

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