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Le décor, peint au lustre rouge foncé sur glaçure stannifère crème, présente des motifs végétaux entièrement lustrés, comme c'est généralement le cas pour les pièces les plus tardives de la production hispano- production and was probably produced in a Valencian workshop, although the possibility of it coming from an Aragonese workshop cannot be excluded, because of both the division of the decoration using concentric bands of solid lustre and the rendering of motifs by leaving elements uncoloured.

This lectionary, representing the Hispano-Mozarabic tradition, dates to 1067 AD.

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I use "Comicus" here only because Dom Morin did so for the edition which was my source. Benedicti Gongregatione Beuronensi Maredsoli apud Editorem Oxoniae apud J.

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