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Hearing those girls talk about her work thrilled her to know that she is doing a great job. " Maka waved her hands frantically, hoping that Liz did not attract attention.

Though she might not have experience as an authoress, hearing those girls talk about how well developed the plot is and how she makes her characters sound like they exist, she felt accomplished."Maka! Several students looked at Maka with curious expressions but then continued with their work."Oops. Here's a little secret about Maka: No one in Shibusen knew that she was the authoress that the girls were constantly talking about. Not the cheesy, cliché romance like Hollywood would portray, but actual romance stories that has drama, and keeps the readers clinging. Elizabeth Thompson, or as everyone calls her, Liz, was one of her friends who knows about Maka's secret."Hey, sorry if I'm late."Tsubaki Nakatsukasa was another friend of Maka who also knows about her secret."It's okay Tsubaki," Maka beamed a smile at her friend.

(5 parts) (Static Quake, some Fitzsimmons Brotps: Skimmons, Fitz Skye, Jemma&Lincoln)Static Quake AU.

Daisy is the crown princess to the Afterlife and just trying to graduate college whilst maintaining some illusion of normality; Lincoln has been reassigned from his Special Forces job to be her bodyguard.

Using hypnosis, SCH can help a person identify and resolve sources of pain, conflict, or confusion that operate at these levels outside ordinary consciousness.

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