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As Dex falls in love with her, Sy appears immune to his charms and with good reason.

For “Good Girls Revolt” creator Dana Calvo, it was never a question of whether the story of a band of magazine research girls suing for equal employment opportunities in the 1960s would be relevant.

While trying to pick up a student bartender, Dex is struck by another woman, the gorgeous Syd, who rides motorcycles and designs sets for the Santa Fe Opera.

Through a series of circumstances, Syd and Dex are thrown together and he soon finds himself questioning his belief in all things Steve.

Assuming that everyone isn’t good at dating, specifically online dating, so we’ve got some tips on how to send a good message on dating apps, and how to respond to the messages you get in order to keep the conversation going.

PLUS, we talk about why people send half-hearted messages on dating apps where they seem disinterested, but still try to further the conversation.

Reporters were exclusively men, until a group of female researchers, spurred on by civil rights activist and lawyer Eleanor Holmes Norton, demanded the same opportunities as their male counterparts. The kind of discrimination faced by the women of Newsweek in 1969 is still around, Camp continued.

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