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Jerry’s Apartment does NOT appear in the following episodes: “The Chinese Restaurant,” “The Pen,” “The Limo,” “The Movie,” “The Hamptons” and “The Dealership.” Seasons: One • Two • Three • Four • Five • Six • Seven • Eight • Nine • Curb • CICGC “The Seinfeld Chronicles” The first appearance of Jerry’s apartment in the series.This is the first instance of Kramer’s signature “slide” into the apartment.

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Jerry convinces the building managers, Harold and Manny, to let Elaine rent the unit directly above him.

However, he immediately regrets the offer, but is luckily saved when another tenant offers double the down payment to get the unit.

The one question that came up in a conversation with a friend, though, was “Who was Jerry’s best girlfriend?

” That friend – we’ll call him Bob Sacamano – eventually challenged me to make a ranking of Jerry’s best girlfriends.

My mind began racing and my fingers began typing, as I watched old episodes yet again and went through detailed breakdowns of every episode.

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