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The court heard that Taylor also pretended to be a teenage girl himself and used a picture of a young female to trick other victims.

Taylor also admitted distributing indecent images of children to other paedophiles on the internet and encouraged the commission of a sexual assault on a toddler.

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Now the youthful duo—both are 28—run a startup in New York.

But their entrepreneurial dreams are grander than most.

In one case, Taylor asked a young teenage girl for a naked picture of herself after he convinced her he was the popstar.

Taylor told the girl, who was excited to speak to him, he would call her after she sent the picture and said the song he was currently writing would be about her.

The company they founded two years ago, Flatiron Health, is going after a rather audacious goal: shaking up the health care world. Turner and Weinberg hope to collect and analyze mountains of clinical data to make inroads into one of medicine’s most complex, research-dependent, and difficult fields: cancer care. Their second venture, Invite Media, which they started during their junior year at Penn, used big-data techniques to make digital marketing more effective.

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