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It takes more than a phone chat to take away insecurities. I actually made a decision beforehand to give her most of my attention – I wanted her to feel like the centre of what was happening because I knew anything less would get her thoughts rolling.How interesting would it be to read the diary of a young couple in their mid to late twenties who are exploring the hotwife lifestyle?

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Q: How many guys have you been with since you started the Hotwife lifestyle, and what’s that been like for you?

A: So far I’ve met 4 different guys but I’ve repeated with one of them.

You’re all confused, I gather, so let me start at the beginning. Skip forward again and it is the night before we are supposed to meet.

I was bored two weeks ago and decided to create a profile on the dating site Ok Cupid. After a few 2-star, 1-star and “you don’t deserve a rating because you didn’t complete your profile” ratings, a beautiful woman’s profile popped up. We’re chatting and she raises some insecurity issues.

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