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Go to CONSOLIDATION INCENTIVES AND ISSUES for information on state aid, shared costs, valuation, and revenue limits related to consolidated districts. If a referendum is required and consolidation is approved by all affected districts the joint interim school board begins its duties on the 31st day following the date the order of reorganization is filed. Any action of the joint interim school board requires an affirmative vote of a majority of a quorum of the joint interim board. To begin the appeal, the aggrieved person must serve written notice, specifically stating the grounds for the appeal, upon the Secretary of the School District Boundary Appeal Board and file the notice with the clerk of circuit court of any county in which any territory of any affected school district is located.

(A) There is created a study committee to study the feasibility and cost effectiveness of consolidating the school districts within the individual counties of this State.

In making its determinations, the study committee shall consider potential savings that may occur from the centralization of the administrative and programmatic functions of the several districts.

Some citizens writing comments on sticky notes favored a slow, incremental approach to upgrading the district's facilities to ease the pain on taxpayers.

Others thought a one-shot approach to consolidating schools and upgrading facilities was the way to go.

All of which means the state is going to spend more money in poor areas than in wealthy areas. school district, with 40 population-based local councils to handle discipline and hire and fire superintendents and principals.

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