Adult cams by zip code - Dating game contestant serial killer

by  |  17-Aug-2019 19:26

CNN even had another former Dating Game contestant on to astutely comment on what it was like to be on the Dating Game with Alcala. I think he's still bitter about losing out to a serial murderer on the show.

If you ask me, he came off creepier than Alcala on the `70's Dating Game clip.) CNN couldn't help to keep the idiotic soundbites coming. Too bad Alcala wasn't on Jeopardy, they could have said: "The answer: Rodney James Alcala.

Alcala was sentenced to death in 2010 for the murder of five women between 19 in California.

It's frightening to realize that the man cooking with Gill met men through gay websites, lured them somewhere, and then poisoned them.

Coincidentally, Port's first victim was found right around the time this episode aired. On air, Alcala might have been charming and funny, albeit definitely creepy, but his extracurricular activities make him one of the most notorious killers of all time.

Police believe Alcala killed 28-year-old Thornton, of San Antonio, Texas, during the summer of 1977 and disposed of her body in a remote area northeast of Granger in rural southwest Wyoming.

Human remains found by a local rancher in 1982 weren’t identified as Thornton’s until 2015.

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