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Last week, the Senate approved the bill on third and final reading.

The bill states, “CPD is hereby made as a mandatory requirement in the renewal of the Professional Identification Cards of all registered and licensed professionals under the regulation of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).” Senator Antonio Trillanes, author of the bill and chairman of the committee on civil service and government reorganization, said the bill aims to boost the competence of professionals in the country.

China overtook the US as the world's largest trading nation, filing the most patents, expanding its military, landing its lunar rover Yutu on the moon, ending the nearly four-decade malaise of lunar exploration and creating China's Oriental Movie Metropolis as a major film and cultural center.

China was projected to have the world's largest economy by 2018 with an estimated GDP per capita equal to the US by the late 2050s.

Professionals are required to go through further formal and informal trainings before they can renew their licenses.

This will take effect once Senate Bill 2581 or Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Act of 2015 becomes a law.

The number sold represents how many units were sold throughout its whole lifetime. Since then there have been produced around 17.37 billion mobile phones.

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