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Valentine’s Day was last week and now life is back to normal.In French, we call this « la routine » or « métro boulot dodo ».Cependant, vous pouvez malgré tout choisir de continuer votre navigation. : Il est également possible que nos informations soient erronées et que vous utilisiez bien un navigateur qui bénéficie des dernières mises à jour.

😉 And even if he’s not French, it’s a good way to practice, and impress him too!

the age of the earth and the universe, and that includes the ones we have listed here.

For example, the amount of cratering on the moon, based on currently observed cratering rates, would suggest that the moon is quite old.

However, to draw this conclusion we have to assume that the rate of cratering has been the same in the past as it is now.

Il ne permet pas non plus une utilisation confortable.

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