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Method is overridden for two main reasons: first, default method does not display public/system id information, even if it exists, and second, default implementation can not handle nested Location information.

Hello, We've recently made a switch from building WS clients in JBoss WS to using Axis2. Endpoint Config; import org.extensions.policy.annotation. For a start, it looks like Sandesha2 [1.3] is not fully compatible with Axis2 [1.5], so I don't know how much of the problem is really a fault of my code vs. I installed Sandesha2 as outlined, with the exception that I did not change my $AXIS2_HOME/conf/axis2file (it already has RMPhase's in the phase orders). Configuration Context; import org.apache.axis2.context. Configuration Context Factory; import org.apache.sandesha2.client. Axis Fault: RM handler was not able to find WS-RM message in the payload 2009-12-10 ,933 ERROR [Axis2 Task] Fault Manager - org.apache.axis2. Addressing Constants; import org.apache.axis2.client. Phase.invoke( at org.apache.axis2.engine. Axis Engine.invoke(Axis at org.apache.axis2.engine. Axis Engine.receive(Axis at org.apache.sandesha2.workers. Sender Worker.check For Sync Responses(Sender at org.apache.sandesha2.workers. Validating Stream Reader - org.apache.sandesha2.i18n.resource::handle Get Object(soap Env Not Set) - Sandesha2 Internal Error: SOAP envelope is not set. Axis Fault(Axis at org.apache.axis2.transport. Transport Utils.create SOAPMessage(Transport ... After bit more investigation, it looks like the XML requests being sent to the JBoss AS are different.

Message = Failed to load from file, \ META-INF/Service 2008-06-12 ,565 [DEBUG] Check loading failure \ for file, META-INF/Service org.apache.axis2.dataretrieval.

Data Retrieval Exception: Failed to load from file, \ META-INF/Service    at \ org.apache.axis2.dataretrieval.

2009-12-11 ,733 INFO [main] Service Deployer - Deploying Web service: - file:/D:/opt/axis2-1.5/repository/services/2009-12-11 ,279 ERROR [Axis2 Task] Axis Engine - The endpoint reference (EPR) for the Operation not found is and the WSA Action = org.apache.axis2. RMServer Handler.handle Inbound(RMServer ... Illegal State Exception: RM handler was not able to find WS-RM message in the payload at org.jaxws. With it working I'm content with leaving it as is.

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