The 7 deadly sins of online dating doc

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If you recognize yourself in the list below, consider doing a little soul-searching so you can get out of your dating rut and back on the path to finding The One. Instead of assuming he isn't worth your time, look at people as friends before assessing their relationship potential.

If he passes the friend test (he listens to you, is respectful of others and is pleasant to be around), you'll already have gotten past you dismissing him because he's not attractive enough or doesn't make enough money.2.

With a trio of vignettes in each half-hour, the show is fast-paced, fun and voyeuristic: the pay-cable equivalent of empty calories, while mirroring what’s become a pretty saturated basic-cable subgenre.

The 7 deadly sins of online dating doc

Dating someone should be a pleasant experience and not something that makes you weak.

If you find that your partner is controlling you or demanding too many changes, that should be a huge red flag.

The invention of the Internet is the most significant event in the history of mankind since the Industrial Revolution.

Steam engines and factories freed us from manual labor in the fields and gave us leisure time; now Facebook and Twitter allow us to lead virtual lives on a global scale.

People change their partners at the drop of a hat, which makes me wonder how seriously they date the partners that they claim to love.

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