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I miss the times when we argued about this and that and couldn’t remember what this and that were.

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When I dropped Ketchup on my jeans you started to think that, maybe, just maybe, I was a pig.

With lust, hunger and knowing that you will probably stain my shirt…

Also, don’t expect to be living together before marriage – this is also illegal. Your New Romantic Interest is Likely to be Teetotaler If a large part of your social life revolves around partying and drinking, forget it! You will probably find that you need to tone down your language when dating someone from Dubai, especially if you use expletives as part and parcel of your regular vocabulary. The laws are not so strictly enforced in Dubai, but your partner will probably still want to keep things under wraps. Be prepared for a Patriarchal Culture If you are female, understand that your male partner will be the dominant one in the relationship. This is not your partner being arrogant or unfair – it is a cultural norm within a patriarchal society as in Dubai.

Aggressive behavior is also not okay – this means no lovers’ tiffs in the streets! Your Relationship is Likely to be a Secret With Islamic law preventing dating in the same manner as in Western cultures, don’t be offended if your relationship is not broadcasted. Being able to communicate with your new beau is a major way to overcome cultural differences.

You have no choice but to trust it and take it at face value, because you simply don’t have any way to validate their story.

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