Robert evans and tyra banks dating

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Alexander met Tyra Banks backstage at a runway show, and he began to give Banks walking lessons.

Winner: Laura James Favorite Model: Nastasia Scott Cycle Villain: Let's come back to this one in a second. The social media component was also weak and served little purpose.

Judging panel changes: This cycle was Judgepocalypse Now. In this way, the cycle's worst villain was Tyra herself: a producer who lost vision of what her own show should be, taking out friends and angering fans in the process.

As a teenager he turned to modeling when he met the president of Elite Model Management, Monique Pillard.

Pillard was so impressed with his look that she signed him to her agency, and he walked for designer Jean Paul Gaultier in New York City.

“I would eventually like to move into acting as it has a longer life-span than modelling,” he said.

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