Girl on dating site loves cats

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That number comes out to five homeless animal for every one homeless human.

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They may be ignorant about their situation, or generally unaware of their situation.

People who are aware of it are not normally considered cat ladies.

My membership was, frankly, embarrassing—not the first thing I’d mention to a girl at a bar. Unless they were super nerdy or oozing I-don’t-give-a-fuck hipster quirk, the cat guys I knew were afraid to come out from under the sofa.

After all, cats were for James Bond villains and hoarders.

Quickly got up from your favourite TV show to grab a drink during the ad break? When a cat’s awake it’s estimated that they spend around 30% of their waking time grooming themselves.

Girl on dating site loves cats

Once that’s got her turned on she starts sliding in more fingers!…
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