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Following her most recent project ‘Reversal of the Muse’, a series of podcasts which she described as “an exploration of femininity in creativity’, Marling has announced a new album with a distinctly feminist title: ‘Semper Femina’.Due for release early next year, ‘Semper Femina’ will be Marling’s sixth full length record, but its first single, ‘Soothing’ marks her first experience as a music video director.

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“I was wild once, and I can’t forget it / Wild, chasing stones,” she sings over descending arpeggios, glancing back to a less fettered youth.

Laura Marling was so young when she started that the bouncers wouldn't let her in to her own gigs.

Mills, whose diverse credits include recent albums from John Legend and Jim James, specialises in the spaces and textures of sound, something immediately apparent as hand-drum and double bass establish the grounded, jazzy tone of “Soothing”, its limping groove draped with whirring keyboard drones and swelling strings, offset by the dull tinkle of thumb-piano.

It’s a gripping opener that captures Marling’s ambivalent attitude – at once demanding and banishing – with idiosyncratic grace.

Nice place, I think, as I park myself on the front steps; those albums must be flying off the shelves.

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