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Some sources said, that at some time period, some 80% of ALL US Police departments were armed with M&P revolvers!These guns were also used by US Military, especially in US Air Force and US Navy.4" pinned barrel blue rate 98-99% grips are excellent, lock up is factory tight. Click for more info Smith & Wesson Model 15-3: The K-38 Combat Masterpiece chambered in .38 special, double action revolver built on the square-butt K frame.

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Please consider Tone Gems a resource for vintage guitars, amps and gear of non-repute. In fact, the 5XL is identical in electronics and appearance to the earlier Silvertone 14 amps that were built by Danelectro.

We will strive to make each review rich with information and content, including inside gut shots, electrical schematics, audio, video, manufacturer specs and more. But Danelectro was purchased by MCA in 1967 and was, unfortunately, out of business by 1969.

First off, Smith & Wesson did not start numbering their revolvers until 1957.

From then on the Military & Police revolver became the Model 10, the Highway Patrolman the Model 28, the .357 Magnum the Model 27 and so on and so forth.

In 1902, S&W introduced the .38 hand Ejector revolver in its new chambering, the .38 Special, and during the following years continued to slightly improve the design. In 1920s, Smith & Wesson renamed the 38 Hand Ejector into Military and Police model, and in 1958, after introduction of the model numbering system, S&W assigned to the Military & Police revolver a model number 10.

Dating sw model 10

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