Form not validating on submit

by  |  28-Jan-2020 13:14

The ultimate goal of this plugin is to make working with forms more fun for everyone.

By improving the interaction, it is easier and less annoying for the user to fill out the form and submit it.

Optionally: Each input can have a label associated with it, where the 'for' attribute of the label refers to the 'id' attribute of the input.

Having both in place gives you the necessary security for your application, as well as improved usability.

Mandated: A 'name' attribute is required for all input elements needing validation, and the plugin will not work without this.

Most error checking programs check each field one at a time, and display one error at a time.

This can make filling out the form tedious, and people might stop in the middle.

If you use the following script and Perl source you will know how to validate an entire form at once, displaying a series of error messages that your reader can then go back and fix.

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