dating a testicular cancer survivor - Updating pfsense

by  |  25-Aug-2019 04:08

The following instructions are still valid for pf Sense 2.0 and 2.1.

Update 2016-05-04: If you are using pf Sense 2.3 (or newer) then please do not follow this guide, or it will break your system!

I use the current development branch pf Sense 2.1, because it supports IPv6.

Started it up and I had it configured within minutes and it was working fine.

I was totally shocked that it actually worked but I found that pf Sense was blocking traffic to this website and this website only.

So I decided to write my own quick check list for this task and to share it of course.

: Upgrade your firewall after having a proper plan and back out option.

I thought it just needs to be updated so I tried to update it only to see that it couldn't be updated at all, the icon would just spin indefinitely and it couldn't find any updates or packages so I trawled through forums looking for a solution.

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