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", Dallas was asked if he'd rather use Justin Timberlake's toothbrush or Alba's.

I actually still wouldn’t be able to figure it out, even if I sat down and made a spreadsheet. Girls are usually fairly indifferent, and straight men are usually envious – to the point where they might download Grindr for a couple of days, think ‘what the fuck am I doing’, delete it, and go down the pub for a nice masc pint.

Comparing himself with the iconic Samantha Jones from Sex And The City, he said, “It’s not a boast or bravado or anything. I’ve had that same moment in the STI clinic that Samantha had in Sex and the City: silent, confused head-counting when the nurse asks how many sexual partners you’ve had. People admit things when they’ve done something wrong. I gave my (estimated) figure, and a creature wearing a Topman t-shirt and a judgemental brand of hair gel piped up: ‘Oh so you’re a slut then? I think I squeaked out a ‘yes’, but on the nightbus home stewing in a tipsy stupor, I thought, as we all have, of the multitude BETTER RESPONSES I could have given, or questions I could have asked him in return.” He then goes on to explain the mindset of people, “It’s a good example of how close-minded people get themselves into a sort of vicious cycle of close-mindedness: Their close-minded opinions mean they’re too close-minded to listen, which makes them even more close-minded, and before they know it they’re sat at home with no friends watching Gogglebox.” Talking about his plight of being slut-shamed, he said, “It might be interesting to acknowledge at this point that I’ve only ever been slut-shamed by other gay men.

Dallas — who has 14.5 million subscribers on Instagram, 9.5 million followers on Vine and 8.24 million followers on Twitter — grew in popularity after starring in Awesomeness TV's -esque film for Gen Z viewers.

The digital influencer is currently on a tour called Mag Con alongside fellow Vine stars.

Be it a mere Snapchat video or a controversial tweet, it makes headlines faster than the speed of light and sound combined. I imagine it’s somewhere around the four hundred mark. And that’s not even counting weekends.” Talking in length about how he has no shame or insecurity about this fact, he said, “I’m not remotely insecure about it. It’s quite clear to me that the reason a lot of gay men slut-shame is because of their own insecurities.

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