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That said, several workers have unhealthy or antisocial ways of dealing with stress that parents would not want teens mimicking.

Boys will be boys, so the saying goes, and it seems that for some teenage boys that means seeing an advert for a sex chat line – in a newspaper or online – and deciding to make that call.

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The brave members of Canadian Coast Guard face danger and death every day.

Their high-stakes, high-stress job takes its toll on their personal lives, but they still willingly risk their lives to save others.

That’s not a niche – it’s a very large audience you’re talking to.”And it’s a large audience that spends a lot of time on the internet and may not find the traditional narratives of popular Hindi film and TV all that relevant.

This is a generation where boy may have met girl on Tinder, not through the matrimonial ads, and both genders are puzzling over the finer points of sexual orientation, workplace politics and the practicalities of living together before marriage – the same issues that preoccupy millennials all over the world.

Parents need to know that this drama about members of the Canadian Coast Guard follows all the standard formulas for high-stakes rescue dramas.

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