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Hutu extremists killed over 800,000 ethnic Tutsis and moderate Hutus.Clergy members were included in the ranks of both perpetrators and victims."The refusal to put an end to the judicial investigation and to exonerate Rwandan leaders who ended the genocide is designed to camouflage these responsibilities." A Rwandan inquiry found ethnic Hutu extremists responsible for Habyarimana's assassination, but the French investigation was inconclusive.

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We didn’t show that we are one family but instead killed each other,” the bishops said.

Bishop Phillipe Rukamba, spokesman for the Catholic bishops, said the statement's release was timed to be released at the end of the Catholic Church's Year of Mercy, according to the Associated Press.

Rwanda is on track to build what’s being billed as the world’s first airport for drones next year.

This week, Rwanda’s Civil Aviation Authority said it is drafting regulations on unmanned aerial vehicles to be submitted to the government’s cabinet.

You probably saw the photo of a mom and her 16-year-old twin daughters that recently went viral, with everyone wondering, “which one is the mom?

Dating rwanda 2016

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